Our Honest Appeal

Respected and honourable persons, men and / or women, We arranged marriages of two girls from Infant, and they need isolated shelters in future. We appeal to your sense of charity and co-operation. Infant India.

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Memorial Fund

You can keep a FIXED DEPOSIT and the interest earned can be spent for food, medicine and educational head etc. through that fund


The average expenditure on a Boy or Girl is arround Rs. 11,000/- per year and you can hepl us by sponsoring one or more kids.

If you want

As you can appreciate, we are fighting to give these children a quality childhood and good lifestyle so that they can stay away from addiction and hope for the better future. This process of rehabilitation of our new generation requires a lot of efforts, time and finacial rsources and Infant India will always welcome and appreciate your every small help in any form. A small initiative from you can change many under privileged lives.

Vocational Training

Infant India encourages women and elderly children to work and build their career by providing legitimate jobs opportunity and by giving vocational training in various areas such as food procession, handicraft \, dress designing, tailoring, embroidery, candle production etc.


  • Pushpa Dan(Flowers)
    Rs. 100/-
  • Fal Dan(Fruits)
    Rs. 500/-
  • Aarogya(Health)
    Rs. 1,100/-
  • Annadan(Food)
    Rs. 2,100/-
  • Dattak Palak(Adoption)
    Rs. 5,000/-
  • Ashray Data(Patron)
    Rs. 11,000/-

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We're Fighting AIDS Together

ANANDWAN - For HIV / AIDS Affected Orphans in Infant India

MAHER - A place for HIV Affected women

NAVJEEVAN - A Rehabilitation Project of Married Couples

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