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As per the advice and guidance of Late Padmabhushan Baba Amte, Prakash Amte and Mandatai Amte, Sadhanatai Amte and the suggestions of Dr. Abhay and Rani Bang, we made it a mission of our life to wipe the tears from the eyes of the most hated and neglected kids, the victim orphans of HIV / AIDS positive, we established INFANT INDIA BEED.

Similarly, the women, who had faced fortures, insults, and cruelty by family members of their own or their husbands' families, we started 'MAHER' project to provide them shelter support, self employment and work. A Non Profit Organization (NGO) Working For The Awareness And Rehablitation Of HIV AIDS Infected Orphans.

Infant India Look After Many Orphans Neglected By The Society.Homeless Leftout's, Infected By HIV AIDS Are Provided with best Education, Food, Clothing And Shelter, Teaches Them Yoga And Pranayam, Provide Them With Medical Help Like ART And Checkup Of CD4..It Is A Our Best Effort Towards Bringing HIV infected Patient As Near As Possible To Social.

The World Renowned Great Social Reformist Late Baba Amte And Presently Dr.Prakash Amte Have Inspired Us For A Different Type Of Social Service.After Visiting The Project Of Lok Biradari Prakalp,For The Health And Education Of Adivasi People.

From 1998-2002 We,Me And My Wife(Sandhya And Datta Bargaje) Decided To Take A New Form Of Social Service INFANT INDIA. We Made Infant India A Mission Of Our Life In the Beggining In 2007..There Were Only 3 HIV AIDS Infected Orphans.,Afters 6 months There Were 7,.at Present We Look After 45 Such HIV Affected Children Providing Them Lodging Bording, Education And Yoga As Well As Additional Herbal Medicinal Juices Of Roots Of Banyan Tree,Wheat Plants And Gulvel.All This Have Very Positive Results.

However,We Do Not Run This Project With The Help Of Any Government Or Private Institution Grant Or Donation.We Run This Only With Help Of Some Persons Who Out Of Charity Provides Food,Clothing And Educational Help.We Want To Make.Metamorphic change In The Lives Of These Unfortunate Kids Through Infant India.We Appeal To You For Providing Us a helping hand in whatever form you wish to give.

Our Future Visions

  1. Educating the kids in versatile development
  2. Yoga to increase CD4 count.
  3. Recreation with arts-all fine arts, music, painting, scupture etc.
  4. Centre and garden for Herbal Medicines.
  5. Develop handicrafts, objects, goods, cloths, mats, chalks
  6. Library general and HIV/AIDS books-research centre.
  7. Women's training for self honour and social participation.
  8. Arranging programs of recreation, competitions, games.
  9. Nirman Bhavan - Self employment, small scale business.
  10. Develop 'Navjeevan' families and their lives and next generations.

Our Objectives

We aim to create awareness among people about :

  1. Character development.
  2. Living with self honor.
  3. Create Constructive and positive point of view.
  4. Social duty and personal devotion
  5. Group and collective work.
  6. Bed-time manners and nursing.
  7. Pictures, Posters, Publication by kids.
  8. Lessening distance between our kids and normal kids.

We're Fighting AIDS Together

ANANDWAN - For HIV / AIDS Affected Orphans in Infant India

MAHER - A place for HIV Affected women

NAVJEEVAN - A Rehabilitation Project of Married Couples

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