Anandwan - For HIV/AIDS Affected Orphans in Infant India

While working in Infant Indian Kids, it was found that the women face many problems. At last we decided to start a new project 'MAHER' on 1st December 2010, to provide food and shelter and work to the HIV/AIDS affected women.

After the death of husband, these HIV affected women are troubled and tortured, insulted and harassed, demoralized and humiliated by their relatives. They are lonely, helpless and tired. It is very hard for them to work and earn their bread. There are also disputes regarding property. The relatives, the neighbours their own sons as well as daughters refuse to accept them once HIV positive is detected. Some women live here and some try to visit frequently to know and get medicines.

A kind lady from Pune, Madhuri Katariya has been providing food and other needs to these women. At present there are eleven women but there is a great problem of shelter and accomodation. Nextly, they have to make them self-employed.

The youngest woman is 22 years old and she is pregnant, she was admitted by her reatives. Generally, their ages are between 25 to 40 years. In the last week only, a woman from Jalna has joined Maher. She has two sons, both are doctors, who refuse to accept her. she is 56 years old. We plan to help these widows in their tragic lonely life.

These women, as the victims of fate are weak, physically as well as mentally. They wish to work and live with self-honour and we try our best to help them.


We're Fighting AIDS Together

ANANDWAN - For HIV / AIDS Affected Orphans in Infant India

MAHER - A place for HIV Affected women

NAVJEEVAN - A Rehabilitation Project of Married Couples

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